• Design and development of software

    The decades of experience of nimius regarding small and large projects are at your disposal for the design and development of software to meet your company’s specific needs.

  • Design and development of websites

    Using the services of a specialized company like nimius, that can fully exploit the potential of the Internet can bring great benefits to your company.

    Thanks to in-depth knowledge of the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) procedure, nimius can enhance the pages of your website in order to make it more search-engine friendly and raise its position in the results rankings of the leading search engines on the web.

  • IT consulting on the premises of companies

    Our experience of working for private clients, as well as in the field of public administration, in all the stages of software development, as well as the analysis and management of various projects, is available directly at your location.

  • Free on-line training

    nimius is committed to spreading knowledge regarding information technology. By visiting our new website you can benefit from courses in written or video formats and thus acquire know-how and skills autonomously without any kind of tuition fees.
  Nimius has decades of experience in designing and creating websites tailored to our customer’s needs.
Many companies choose this way of increasing the numbers of their clients through what is now the cheapest advertising channel that gives them more visibility all over the world.
  Thanks to the technical knowledge our company has, we have acquired over the years Nimius supports its clients in developing and revising their projects, in the selection and adoption of new technologies and architectures, and in optimizing processes.
  The optimization of web pages and promoting sites through experience, tests and study of patents issued by Google and other search engines make that nimius use the most effective techniques and updated to improve the ranking of your website.
The correct setting of the advertising campaigns on Google and Facebook as a way to reach their target customers going to minimizing the budget.
SCHOOL | School Management SCHOOL [School Management]
  The SCHOOL software speeds up the management of data regarding private schools by recording a range of data concerning teachers, students, contacts and all payments effected.
The software, developed in collaboration with a private school, provides the user with all the various printed or digital documents and records necessary for the proper management of a school.
CONTACTS | Management of contacts CONTACTS [Management of contacts]
  The CONTACTS software improves the management of data about your contacts, allowing you to organize it in such a way as to carry out specific searches and send communications via e-mail.
The software also gives you the possibility to print data regarding your contacts directly onto adhesive labels.
  The staff of Nimius believe in the value of knowledge, which is why we are committed to the dissemination of know-how in the field of Information Technology. By using the services of the new platform you can enjoy a series of free courses, either basic, for novices who want to find out more about information technology, or advanced, for professionals who wish to further their knowledge of the field.